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Colour cycle

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Wave & Particle


Laura Lynn Jansen, Thomas Vailly


colour, interior, product, trend

This serie of light objects is based on the technic developp for Wave & Particle.
Using an spectrum of specific colors and patterns, each objects stimulate the bio-rhythm and influence the production of melatonin.


Innovative optical techniques gave rise to an atmospherical changing colour palet resulting from fractured light. The patient can experience an endless spectrum, new appearances changes depending on the point of view – whether it’s the observer moving around the color or the color itself, shifting. Light filtering foils combined with glass panes create different tints, tones, and shades. Always in motion, like the sun rising and setting, the object measures the passing of time and seems made of a different color every instant.


Colour can be seen as a neural phenomenon, physical phenomenon and as a psychological phenomenon. As proven by various scientific researches, color is a non-pharmaceutical medicine. Scientists have found that colors light up the brain like a Christmas tree and let us do things without realizing why. Brainscan can show that cool and warm colors do not activate the same parts of the brain. Colors put our mind in an unknown setting and let us act differently without being aware of it.

Wave & Particle - product details
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