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Laura Lynn Jansen


colour, healthcare, interior, product

Specific colour and reflection-signals can help to improve short-term memory performance of Alzheimer’s patients and reduce or completely replace medication for depression and sleeping disorder.

A major cause of restlessness for people with dementia is the lack of stimuli they experience in their daily lives. Based on scientific studies on the way in which color and movement affect the brain, we studied the effects of subtle, visual stimulation. We developed a series of reflecting objects that use the natural movement of daylight to create impulses that do not require intact cognition, thereby offering the people the opportunity to respond in the “now” without seeking for the assistance of their memory.

The specific blue produce more serotonin in the brain, creates a relaxed nervous system, lower the respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure and thereby creating a overall calming effect .

The specific ‘orange’ stimulates the production of dopamine, (it stimulates oxygen supply to the brain and thereby stimulates brain activity) and activates the memory.

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