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hospital monochrome

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Laura Lynn Jansen


colour, healthcare, interior

A monochromatic framed surface in specific evidence based colours, reflects it’s colour in shades and hue.


One of the great ironies of modern society is that the places designed to be the most helpful are, in fact, the most disagreeable. No one wants to go, for example, to a hospital and it is not usually an experience we enjoy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be an experience that nurtures us, above and beyond the professional care we receive.


That is why we believe healthcare design is not a question of form and function anymore but of meaning and atmosphere. The insights and vision we bring to the industry need to be imbued with empathy for the users. At a time in someone’s life when they may be at their most vulnerable, how can a building be made less institutional, a treatment center less clinical and a hospital less, well, inhospitable? These are the questions that governments, business leaders and key stakeholders should be asking.


It’s very difficult to design an experience because almost all experiences are strictly personal. But you can design something so powerful and emphatic if you use the correct colors. This sounds extremely simple, but color, can make us think, feel and act different. Color, is in many ways researched and scientifically proven as a non – pharmacological medicine. Color can support experiences or make them happen, encourage and enrich interactions and improve people’s perceptions. Design can render these experience tangible.


A waiting room in a hospital that isn’t full of colours that pump up your heart rate, blood pressure and makes you more nervous then you already are. A corridor, the room where you meet your doctor, the space around your recovering bed, how about creating those spaces with the colours that improves your recovery and helps you during your visit in positive ways (like a certain blue that produce more serotonin in the brain, creates a relaxed nervous system, lower the respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure and thereby creating a overall calming effect)

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