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Future of sleep X Hästens

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Laura Lynn Jansen, Justine Kontou


colour, interior, product, trend

We spent one-third of our life sleeping. And we can’t do without, all living creatures need sleep to stay alive and functional when awake. That’s a physical fact. In today’s hectic society though, sleeping is not the most popular occupation of our time. So we tend not to make a big deal of it. That’s why most peoples living room looks more attractive than their bedroom. But when you think about the significant amount of time we lay in our beds (or wherever you choose to sleep), that doesn’t make sense. You’d expect people to put some more effort to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible. The balance between time spent on sleep and time spent on sleep-innovation isn’t very well balanced.

One of the companies that probably spend more time thinking about sleeping then actually being asleep is Hästens. Together with the Dutch Design Foundation, they challenged us to think about positively reimagine everything around the bed because even Hästens admits that – although it can be an essential factor – sleeping well involves more than just a good mattress.

This design research developped together with Justine Kontou, details our vision on ‘the future of sleep’: a restorative bedroom. By influencing the senses unconsciously, we can affect and positively stimulate the physiological and psychological values of the sleeper. This insight has been translated into a series of calming installations and accessories with stress-reducing qualities. All are inspired by the wonders of nature. This family of sensory objects motivates people to enter their bedroom earlier to wind down and create their daily ritual for restorative sleep. Capitalizing on scientific knowledge and design principles, we dreamt the bedroom of the future.

A second research and development phase will allow us to fine tune the stimulation of the senses using evidence-based design and to set up a restorative bedroom including the final family of sensory objects.

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